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Tamara Eristavi, wellness coach

My name is Tamara Eristavi, and I am a wellness coach and a happiness expert.
Because of my challenging past I made it my mission to help people improve their lives by combining latest scientific knowledge and innovation with age-old wisdom. 

Mindfulness and wholesome lifestyle are saving my life daily. After living in a war zone, I was not happy, healthy or fit, so I understand the struggle. That’s what gives me the drive to help people improve their lives.
Here is some basic information about my work:


To assist my clients in improving quality of their life, with a mind and a body that are strong, flexible, agile and able to take on challenges but also to enjoy fun activities life has to offer.

Areas of specialization
Life Coaching
Health and Wellness Coaching

Certified health and life coach
Certified meditation instructor
Physical Therapy Aid
Serving OC since 2010

Health and wellness have been my passion for over three decades.IAPO_Life_CoachRV
I continuously expand my knowledge base through
extensive research on a variety of subjects, such as mental/emotional wellness, psychology, longevity, nutrition, medicine, physical therapy and exercise.
I strive to bring to my clients the best of knowledge accumulated and hand-picked over many years of rigorous studies.

I have completed several life coaching courses with life coach trainingsome of the leaders in our industry, and an internship with a successful life coach.

Tools & methods
For over three decades I have been collecting innumerable tools and techniques that help improve mental and physical wellness, reduce chronic pain and stress, clear emotional baggage and increase focus, to name a few. I employ latest scientific findings in biology and medicine in combination with age-old knowledge to create an effective, highly individualized program for each client. In our programs, we take in consideration how brain chemistry affects our behavior and health, how we can update unhelpful thinking patterns and change our habits, how we can facilitate improvements through changes in nutrition, moderate supplementation (when necessary and with medical supervision), meditation and visualizations, to mention a few. 

I take in consideration my client as a complete mind-body-soul system because it is inconceivable to separate any one aspect of their life from the whole. We are contextual and relational beings, and it is important to appreciate the complexity of the processes our body and mind goes through. I invite my clients to see their situation from a different perspective and help them detect and resolve the underlying core issues that give rise to their challenges.

In all my work I come from a place of respect and appreciation of everyMindful Living in Oc individual. My inclination is to nurture, although not necessarily treat my client with kid gloves. I find a unique approach to every client, whether they require gentle encouragement and sweet-talk, or “tough love”. Either way, I come from a place of genuine concern for my client’s well-being, which creates deep trust and understanding.

Stress reduction and relaxation
I am a certified meditation instructor. To those interested, I offer a relaxing/centering guided meditation with or without visualizations. Meditation has been yielding outstanding results, and some of my clients find it helpful and empowering.

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