Wellness resources

I have been blessed with amazing clients who continuously help me grow and improve. One of my clients gave me a great idea to create a page with my favorite wellness related links that I like to share. And so, this is a page where you can find a variety of resources that my clients and I have found useful in our quest for a better life. I hope you also will find these helpful.

Meditation resources:

– Meditation music:

Suni Ai (“listen”)

Ambient sounds: Peaceful garden

Zen meditation music

RaMaDaSa chant

– Guided meditations and instruction:

Guided Muscle Relaxation Exercise from sleep expert, Dr. Michael Breus

Introduction to meditation, Part I (first video of series)

Introduction to meditation, Part II (first video of series)

Learn Zen meditation

Catalogue of free meditation videos of various styles

Silva Ultra Mind, self-healing meditation

Guided meditations from Deepak Chopra Center 

Awareness meditation with Eckhart Tolle

Soul of Healing meditation

Secret of Healing meditation

Positive Thinking meditation