Life Coaching

Achieving a better quality of life is a passion that makes me a life-long student of happiness. I constantly research new technologies and look for effective solutions to life’s eternal dilemmas. During more than three decades of studies I have collected valuable tools and techniques that clear emotional blockages, reduce stress, release fear, create focus and empower my clients.

Tools & method
In my work I employ organic methods such as exercises that challenge your paradigm. They help change your thinking patterns and life habits using self-inquiry, mindful dialogue, visualizations, meditations and a variety of other tools.

I take in consideration my client as a complete mind-body-soul system because it is inconceivable to separate any one aspect of a their life from everything else. Every facet is interconnected with others. We are contextual and relational beings, and it is important to detect and dissolve the underlying core issues that give rise to our problems.

In all my work I come from a place of deep respect and appreciation of every individual. My inclination is to nurture, although not necessarily treat my client with kid gloves. I find a common language with my clients easily, whether they require gentle encouragement and sweet-talk, or a “tough love” approach. Either way, I am genuinely concerned with my client’s well-being, and that’s why we often become friends.

Stress reduction and relaxation
I am a certified meditation instructor with a 30 yr experience. To those interested, I offer a relaxing/centering guided meditation with or without visualizations. Meditation has been yielding outstanding results, and some of my clients find it helpful and empowering.

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