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Pursuit of Happiness

“Having prevailed over losses and suffering in my past, I made it my life’s purpose to help others raise above their challenges and gain control of their well-being” – Coach T.


My name is Tamara Eristavi, and my clients call me Coach T. I’m a certified wellness specialist,  a vegan and a huge health enthusiast.

I’ve come a long way through hardship and pain, and well into my sixth decade, I’m proud to say that I’m living the life of my dreams and feeling as young and bouncy as ever!

But this life didn’t just fall into my lap…

It so happened that I have witnessed a series of very interesting events. Some of them were beautiful and others –  terrifying. Living in a war zone opened my eyes to the true values in life and the frailty of the human condition. I learned the life-saving power of compassion and patience, but also the experience of PTSD…

After getting married and giving birth to two children I, as many other proud moms, was happy to put my own needs on the back burner. I hadn’t been a very healthy person to begin with, but after 30 my physical and mental well-being went downhill. Harsh living conditions, sleepless nights and constant relocations, including moving clear across the globe; the pressure of learning a new language and adapting to a new life in the USA, the exhaustion of being a working mom, then the divorce and virtual bankruptcy led me to a debilitating anxiety disorder and chronic fatigue. All of which brought me practically to the brink of disability.

In my 30s I found myself depleted and tired of life, both physically and mentally. I had to sit down to rest after making my bed in the morning! I was suffering from joint and back pain, low blood pressure, headaches, depression and brain fog. I couldn’t focus and my memory and recall were poor. I was unable to keep a job. I gained weight, trying to soothe myself with junk food. I became withdrawn, addicted to the internet, and inattentive toward my kids. All in all, I felt like an old, hopeless mess.

I couldn’t afford professional help and didn’t have health insurance. In desperation, I was searching for solutions to my problems in books. Books on self-help opened my horizons and promised the possibility of a change. 

And then, something remarkable happened. I was literally saved after discovering Tribal bellydance, and my life was changed forever. The magic of a beautiful, unconventionally expressive and spiritual form of art profoundly impacted me and re-ignited the spark of hope. Dance led me back to yoga that I had abandoned years ago. Gentle exercise and self-work slowly brought back my youth, rebuilt my self-esteem and improved my health in many aspects, something I had never expected to happen by the age of 40!

Ever since then, it’s been up and up. Admittedly, it was a winding path, filled with all sorts of mistakes and setbacks, but I was gaining priceless experience and became a believer in my ability to rebuild my life from scratch!

Encouraged by my improvements, I decided to study mental and physical health in more depth. I couldn’t help but share my discoveries with everyone who was willing to listen. I became obsessed with studying and practicing a healthy lifestyle, testing my knowledge on myself first. Soon, I would find myself coaching my friends and family. Seeing their improvements inspired me to work harder. And before I knew it, my hobby became a vocation. Helping people take control of their lives through natural, ethical and sustainable tools is my definition of the best job in the world!

To this day, I continue expanding my knowledge and skill base by completing multiple courses and internships in wellness, life coaching, yoga and meditation. Over many years I’ve collected countless health and wellness tools that help create sustainable, life-long improvements. 

Today I am grateful for every opportunity to share my passion for wellness with others. It is my life purpose. 

Now, in my mid-fifties, I feel 30 years younger. I celebrated my fifty-fifth birthday skating with my daughters. Despite a very busy life, I happily take care of myself, though I’m by no means sanctimonious or rigid about rules. I believe that life requires flexibility and creative approach. 
I am lucky to enjoy lasting peace of mind and have energy for anything and everything I desire to do. My typical week includes at least 6 sessions of vigorous physical activity, like weight lifting, calisthenics, power yoga and swimming. And I’m pleased to say, that through education and self-work, I was able to put most of my prior physical and mental health challenges behind me. 

Here is the list of personal challenges that I was able to manage and resolve:

Generalized anxiety disorder

Childhood trauma
Poor self-esteem
Chronic fatigue

Sleep paralysis
Nutritional deficiencies
Severe heart palpitations (supraventricular tachycardia)
Joint pain
Back pain (I have scoliosis)
GERD (acid reflux)
Excess weight
Plantar fasciitis

My life-long objective is to continue my journey and empower others to reach their ideal lifestyle. 

I appreciate your interest, and if there had to be one main idea that I’d like to leave you with, it would be:

Never, ever,  give up on your Pursuit of Happiness

To learn more about my work, please look here.

My life-long objective is to continue my journey and inspire others to always grow happier!

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me: I would love to hear your thoughts.

Coach T. 

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