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Pursuit of Happiness

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My name is Tamara Eristavi, but clients call me Coach T.
I am a Wellness Coach, and I help Highly Sensitive People (HSP) build healthier and happier lives.
I’m an HSP myself, and, though I walked
a very long path though much hardship and pain, I’m proud to say that I’m living a life of my dreams and feeling as young and bouncy as ever! 

But this life didn’t just fall into my lap…

It so happened that I have witnessed some very interested events. Some of them were also terrifying. Living in a war zone had opened my eyes to the frailty of  the human condition and taught the life-saving power of compassion. I learned first-hand what PTSD feels like… 

After getting married and giving birth to my children I, as many other proud moms, forgot about my own needs. My physical and mental/emotional well-being went rapidly downhill: harsh living conditions, sleepless nights and constant relocations, then stress and exhaustion of being a full-time working mom, followed by separation and then divorce. That, in turn, lead to a lengthy depression, debilitating anxiety attacks and adrenal fatigue – all of which brought me to the brink of disability. By 37 I could hardly walk up a flight of stairs without panting and was suffering from joint pains, low blood pressure and headaches. I’d quit my job, gained some weight and was craving (and consuming) junk foods. I became impatient and inattentive toward my kids, and generally felt like an old and hopeless mess. 

I did not have money for professional help, not even a health coverage. In desperation, I was searching for solutions to my problems, in books and art. Books on self-help and spirituality have really opened my horizons and showed the way to health.

And then, something remarkable happened. I was literally saved when I discovered dance, and my life was changed forever. The magic of this beautiful, unconventionally expressive and spiritual form of art has profoundly impacted me and re-ignited a spark of passion for life. But more importantly, regular exercise and self-work slowly brought back my youth, rebuilt my self-esteem and improved my health in many aspects, something I had never expected to happen by the age of 50!  

Exhilarated by such improvements, I decided to further explore holistic wellness. Along the way, I would find myself coaching my friends and family, and seeing the improvements they were making inspired me to become a professional happiness expert. Today I couldn’t be more thrilled by any opportunity to share my passion for holistic living with others. It is my life purpose. 

My personal regimen includes regular meditations, yoga and dance practices, a variety of fitness exercises and healthy eating habits. My life-long objective is to continue my journey and inspire others to always grow happier!

I appreciate your interest, and if there had to be one main idea that I’d like to convey, it would be:

Never, ever,  give up your Pursuit of Happiness! 

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me: I would love to hear your thoughts.


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